Hermine Raviron is one of the main protagonists of Miracle Land. She is a historian and the embodiment of time. As a member of the Miracle Squad, Hermine is known as The Timeless One.

Abilities Edit

  • Time Freeze: Hermine can stop time while being unaffected herself.
  • Temporal Speed: Hermine possesses a limitless level of speed that it seems as if time has stopped.
  • Erasure: Hermine is able to erase the memories of others, ranging from a certain memory by touching heads. Although, certain strong emotions and events may trigger the return of the lost memory.
  • Chrono Vision: Hermine can see any point in time, from only a few seconds or minutes into the future and past, up to events all throughout time, whether that be along her own timeline or along the timelines of others.
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