Mateo Voss is one of the main protagonists of Miracle Land. He is an outcast and the embodiment of nature. As a member of the Miracle Squad, Mateo is known as The Nature Spirit.


  • Weather Manipulation: Mateo is able to control the weather. He can control air and create strong wind; this also allows him to levitate, fly at high speeds and create small hurricanes. Mateo can also fire lightning bolts from his fingertips that cause small explosions on impact.
  • Butterfly Control: Mateo can summon a swarm of butterflies to distract his opponent. He can also understand or communicate with them, hence creating and strengthening friendships.
  • Green Magic: Mateo can accelerate plant growth by touch.
  • Vine Creation: Mateo can manifest vines from the ground to attack his enemies.
  • Cat Form: Mateo can take the form of a cat at night.
  • Healing: To heal with a kiss or a hug.
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